Green screen software

Green screen software

for Mac and Windows.
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   Chroma Key Software | Green Screen Software

   Green Screen photo/ Chroma Key photo effects are now easy. 
Replace blue and green background easily.
   Wrinkles no problem.
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Best chroma key software results for your blue or green screen photos:

Once you have photographed your talent in front of a green screen, use our chroma-key editor  to choose a background and just click on the background once. The green or blue background will automatically be replaced by the background of your choice! This simple editing technique offers immense creative potential for the users.  For example you can portray them as if they are on a famous magazine cover,  with their favourite celebrity or in exotic locations around the world. Best of all, it's easy.

Features of green screen software mac , windows:
  • 1 Click chroma key compositing:
    You just need to click on the green or blue background of the photo and boom!, it's replaced by the new digital background of your choice. Just like that.

  • Wrinkles are not a problem:
    A common problem in green screen photography is the presence of wrinkles on the canvas backdrop. Our chromakey software is quite resistant to the bad effects of wrinkles.
  • Variable lighting:
    Another common problem is variable lighting in the background. This is also adjusted quite well by our green screen software.
  • Replace blue and green backgrounds:
    It can replace both green and blue backgrounds in the digital photos.

    Pro version only features:
  •  Move the foreground anywhere relative to the background.
  •  Adjust canvas size according to background or foreground.
  •  Scale background according to foreground.  
  •  Green color spill over adjustment.
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What people are saying:"
- Amazing results. Saves both time and money."

    Who should use this green screen software?
  • Location photographers.
  • Portrait photographers.
  • Hobbyists.
  • Digital effects enthusiasts.
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What do you need to get started with green screen photography?

  • A green background. This could be a canvas backdrop or paint on a wall.
  • Proper lighting and clothing for the talent.
  • Your photo camera and our green screen/chroma key software.
  • Creativity! We have designed our software to boost your creativity.

Command line chroma key version also available.

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